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All About Chiku Charts Passive

Generate an extra source of income with our unique passive trading techniques.

Swing & Positional Trading

Get the best recommendations for catching the short and medium term waves in the market. Ride the various sectoral trends with our highest quality selections among the many.

Investment Picks

Multiply your primary source of income by putting it into right stocks at right time. Get into future potential multi baggers before everyone knows.

Index Option Spreads

Benefit from the market’s up and down swings by taking calculated risks. Our index spread suggestions will allow you to capture both way moves in the market with less time commitments.

Trading Floor

Get our constant live market support on the discussion forum. Network with other working professionals and discuss on trends and opportunities for money minting.

Passive By Chiku Charts


“ From Trade to Triumph: The Journey to Prosperity “

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1 Year

Comprehensive Growth

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Chiku Charts Active

Unleash your potential in the fast-paced world of active trading with our experts.

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