How can stock market trading be a financial solution?

stock market trading

Before telling you how can stock market trading be a financial solution, there is a need to address whether stock market can be a financial solution or not.
From my perspective and observations, stock market can be a financial solution for the people of India. There are lots of people who are making their primary income from stock market over the years. They have built their whole wealth from this industry. So if a lot of people have done it, a lot more can also do it. The important thing to note here is that still 90% of the people lose money in the stock markets. Why are the odds not in favor to most of the participants in the game?

There are a few points which I would like to mention that stop people from winning in stock markets:

1) Unlike any other profession, people want to participate in stock markets without any expertise, knowledge and information. When you put your money into something without being aware of the situations that can happen, it is considered as a gamble. Therefore, 90% of the participants are gambling in the markets. They are making it easier for the rest 10% to build enormous wealth.

2) Doing anything big in life needs courage, risk taking ability and firm determination. Most of the people can risk time for money but not money for time. Anyone that gives priority to time over money is going to do better when it comes to stock markets. Risking money is not something that everybody can do.

3) When you are risking your own money to get the freedom you want in your life, you need that process which helps you tackle the risk in best possible manner, this is where you need knowledge about risk management, technical analysis, psychology and discipline.

So if you learn deeply about stock markets and you have the ability of taking risks, courage of learning something that people think is a gamble and convert the whole thing into a process, there is a good chance that stock market trading can be a financial solution for you. Not only a financial solution but it can turn you into a wealthy individual.

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